1. How long will it take to ship in stock products?

For local, shipments, in stock products will ship next day after payment has been confirmed. Please also note that we will only hold products and orders for 24 hours and failure to settle during that period will cause automatic cancellation for any orders.

For shipping schedule, please refer to the advisory below:


2. Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of our products, all items are currently on a no return, no exchange basis, unless client has reported a defect immediately upon receiving the specific product (1-2 hours after confirmed receipt). In this case, there will be an option to refund or exchange the product for another item in our collection.

Please also note that shipping arrangements for returns and repairs are at the cost of the buyer.

Please also note further that all items released by Dainty Lily jewelry have never been used. For sanitary reasons, we keep a specific inventory for our product displays and photo shoots. Any item returned will be disposed of accordingly,  and never re-sold.


3. Will your products tarnish?

Our products are finely made with tarnish protection guarantee from our suppliers. Most clients have reported that they are impressed with the lasting quality and have even used them on beach holidays, which we do not advice! HOWEVER, there is no complete, unfailing guarantee as this is a case to case basis which will depend on the wearer: his/her lifestyle (frequent exposure to elements, perfume-, alcohol-, lotion use while wearing the accessories), body acidity (the more acidic, the more likely to increase chances of tarnishing), and practice of proper care and usage of accessories.


4. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! Although our current checkout page only lists the Philippines and a few other countries as checkout options, we are still able to ship almost anywhere in the world, provided that you are willing to shoulder the express shipping fee. Just drop us a message and we'll provide a shipping quote. Once accepted, your draft order will be sent to your email for settlement.


5. Do you accept repairs?

We will repair/clean/re-plate specific products under the Dainty Lily line so long as the client arranges for delivery and shipping of product to our premises, and it's return shipping to the owner. Products with gold, brass and sterling silver bases are easily cleaned and are re-plated. However, stainless steel products have their tarnish protection guarantee and cannot be re-plated or repaired by local jewelers.


6. How do I care for my accessories?

Make sure to:
  • Wear your accessories last, and take off first thing.
  • Do not spray perfume, apply lotion, use alcohol and other chemicals as they may damage the plating and promote tarnishing.
  • Store your jewelry in air tight containers that will prevent exposure and oxidation. You may use the plastic cases and velvet pouches our items come in.
  • Try not to think about it too much and just enjoy!